Boston Spirit Magazine -- March 2016

The Boston-based, self-described “singing psychotherapist” Steven Cadwell is bringing his one-man show, “Wild & Precious,” to the Club Café, 209 Columbus Ave., for a one-night only performance to benefit the AIDS Action Committee, where Cadwell served as a support-group leader in the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Go to Article

WCSH-TV6 -- Portland's NBC Station

Preceding Steve's performance of Wild & Precious in Rockland, ME, the local NBC TV affiliate invited Steve into their studios. An in-depth conversation covers not only an abstract of the show, but also allows insights to how this gay civil rights story is everyman's [and woman's] story. Watch the Video

Huffington Post

Huffington Post’s Journalist John-Manuel Androite reports on Steve’s performance of Wild & Precious at Fenway Health in Boston, the largest LGBT health care and research organization in the world.
Wild and Precious traces Cadwell’s life journey from sissy farm boy — one of six brothers — in rural Vermont, through the wild and crazy 1960s, the early gay rights movement of the seventies, the devastation of AIDS in the eighties, and his biggest role ever as an out and proud gay man married and raising a son of his own with his longtime partner — and now legally wed husband — Joe.
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Vermont Public Radio

In September 2014 Steve swam upstream to his home state of Vermont and performed to a sold-out house at Main Street Landing, the premier performing arts center in Burlington. Vermont's NPR feed interviewed Steve the day prior to the performance.
How cathartic would it be to step onto a stage and give the performance of your life, literally? Steven Cadwell grew up in Pittsford in the 1950s and didn't come out as a gay man until the 1970s. He is now a married and works as a psychotherapist in the Boston area.
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The Record, Brandon, VT

On June 26th, Steve brought Wild & Precious to his hometown in Vermont. Scenes from the show and afterwards with 3 of his 5 brothers. All gathered celebrated Freedom to Marry in these United States! See all the pictures here!

I don't know if I'll be able to come up with enough flowery superlatives (and I am looking at that lady slipper pin on my lapel to get my adjectives, and exclamations flowing) for your performance last night. I was just blown away. You had my rapt attention every step of the way in the profound, funny, poignant, deep, surprising, affirming journey that you took us on. That journey was on one hand so particularly YOUR life while at the same time you made it feel like ALL of our lives. As my friend and I drove home we talked about how you reminded us of what a remarkable period of time your lifetime/our lifetimes have spanned. You showed us this through the most ordinary AND extraordinary of moments that make up a life. Yours was one of the most profound and inspiring performances I have ever seen!

Jessica Strauss, Teacher/Artist • Newton, MA

Congratulations on the show. I loved it; it was beautiful and powerful and a celebration of not just your life but life itself. Keep going!

David Geltman, Psychiatrist • Boston, MA

WOW! I was thrilled to see you take command of the stage with such profound presence, poise, poetry, and Pride! Your show was truly excellent, both as a personal narrative and as a rich and engaging evening of theater. There were many wonderful touches, ranging from the power of your poems (chills went down my spine) to your artful costume changes. (The capes and kimono are stunning.) Your poems are beautiful, poignant, creative, fun. I was also moved and troubled to learn more about your history. Your quest to answer "how to be a man?" holds the entire piece together, so that the performance transcends your individual story to prompt all of us to confront this important question. From my knowledge of what it takes to act, I was truly impressed with your talent, dedication, and your skill with harnessing your natural ebullience to stir exuberance without getting carried away.

Dr. Larry Rosenberg, Psychologist • Cambridge, MA

We laughed, cried, were inspired, moved, and very impressed by your insights, word art, strength of vulnerability, durable character and massive capacity to love and appreciate love. And life. Congratulations to you. Well done!

Dr. Debora Carmichael, Psychologist • Cambridge, MA

I just finished reading through your poems again after seeing your performance Friday night. I loved your collection, poeMEMoir, when I first read it (before seeing your show) and now your poems take on a whole new meaning after watching your performance. I can hear your voice as I read and visualize where you are in a new context. I loved the blending of narrative and poetry in the performance - and the seamless transitions between telling your story and hearing your reflections in the poetry. What courage that must have taken to put yourself out there so completely. The struggles, the pain, the joys - all blended into a complicated life. I imagine you may have felt vulnerable and, at the same time, exhilarated (validated) by the amazing response of the audience. I love the book with pictures and poetry side by side - really beautiful. The book is great to refer to when I think about moments in the performance and want to recall a poem or a place - there it is in the book.

Lynn Randall, Educator • Concord, MA

I am blown away at your performance. I was stunned by the intensity of your words, stories, music, singing, movement, affect and effect of all of you. A Masterpiece: I can't stop thinking about the whole performance and I know that is a powerful sign of a good performance and intense story. Thank you for being you and sharing your story. You are so brave. You are a role model for us all to be more of who we are. We have to continue to GET OUT no matter what that means. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Bob Haas, Psychotherapist • Boston, MA

Riveting and intense perforMANce. Through your story, we (I) relived our (my) own. You pulled me through a knot hole (NOT WHOLE). Still working on it. Thank you. Drove home through the cleanSING rain.

Tom Welch, Social Worker • Weymouth, MA

Steve was 210 proof! Powerful!

Jeff Meller, Lawyer • Cambridge, MA