What's it about?

Wild & Precious is a theatrical memoir in original songs, stories, photos, costumes celebrating 60 years of gay liberation through one of our stories: a gay man who grew up in rural Vermont. Its entertaining and affirming and nails the struggle we’ve all been through. From the moment the curtain goes up until the final bow, you’ll connect with Steve Cadwell’s tale: the sissy boy playing with dolls; teen discovering his sexuality, the chaos and trauma of the closet, bursting Out at Stonewall, disco fever, the tragedy of AIDS; the victory of our freedom to marry, His story is OUR story. Cadwell’s vulnerability, authenticity and integrity bring it home. Plus its funny and engaging and a great night OUT! This well-tuned roller coaster shoots its riders through tumults, joys, tears, and celebration. Dare to be different!

Who's the audience?

Gay? Straight? Bi? Trans? Still trying to sort it out? You’ll feel right at home — as if you’re sitting in Steve Cadwell’s salon — during every moment of Wild & Precious. Cadwell’s story is delivered through the lens of a married gay psychotherapist in Boston who dedicates his practice to gay men. But his story is everyone’s story. It’s the story of love, of being marginalized, of letting it all hang out and of fighting for what’s right. Performances can be tailored for private showings, as a fundraiser for community and advocacy groups, college campuses and legit theaters. Bookings are now being taken for the 2015/16 season. Click the contact link and let’s connect. Tell us what you want and let’s get Wild & Precious together!


From coast to coast over the past two and a half years Steve Cadwell, a renown Boston psychotherapist, has appeared more than 30 times in front of audiences at Gay Pride festivals, theaters, universities, training programs, benefits, and conferences.

When he's not being Wild & Precious Steve's commitment is to his private practice with a specialization with GLBTQ individuals and couples. He runs group counseling sessions, teaches at Boston University and at Harvard, and conducts trainings and workshops at professional gatherings. Click through to learn more about Steve's more conventional persona.

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